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                             World Best Paradise Srilanka~~Srilanka~~Srilanka.      
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Best Place For Your Vacation~~
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Beautiful waterfalls..Wild Life..Colourful flowers..marvellous corals..more..more..more 
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Mahinda Rajapaksha Is the President of Srilanka.
His Vision
"We have saved our country from tiger terrorism  for all citizens  to enjoy the freedom without fear.Next challenge before me is to ensure the development our motherland to secure a better future for the present and future generations.I will take that very seriously and I gurantee, I Will keep my Promise as I DID BEFORE... -Mahinda Rajapaksha-

Srilankan blue beaches

World best blue beach-NILAWELI BEACH-
Million Of Tourists Come to this paradise every years.Really it is the BEST PARADISE in the world. 

There are more blue beaches in
Srilanka.If YOU get a rest, You must go to the 
Srilanka.For more informations,  
visit Srilankan BLUE BEACHES
Waterfalls of Srilanka
The Island is blessed with 103 rivers and streams radiating from the central hills rushing down rocky precipices forming a number of roaring waterfalls of various shapes and heights, all ending up loosing the momentum at the Indian ocean. 

The tallest is the bambarakande falls whitch cascades down 263 metres like liquid
Waterfalls are one of srilanka`s most treasured parts of nature srilanka boasts of almost 400 waterfalls scattered all over the island.aberdeen waterfall,Bakers waterfall,babarakanda waterfall,bopath Ella,kiridi oya,Rikille waterfall,Diyaluma waterfall,Dunhinda wterfall.........Some of them. See more..
World Best Colourful Gems
                                              There are more colourful gems in srilanka.Also diana`s wedding ring was made by using a srilankn blue gem.
                                               diana was engaged in 1981.
at the time it cost $25000 and was from a selection presented to diana by jewllers Garrard because it was not made for her specially,it was open to the public to buy.So how can it A SRILANKAN GEM .

There are more colourful Gems in Srilanka.Also Diana`s wedding ring made by using A SRILANKAN BLUE GEM.
                Diana was Engaged in 1981.At the time it cost $25000 and was from a Selection presented to diana by Juwellers Garrard because it was not made for her specially,it was opened to the public t buy.So how can it a Srilankan gem

When queen Elisabeth came to Srilanka in 1981,this Blue gem was Presented by NIMAL PATHIRANA who is famous gems businessmen in rathnapura District.There was a gems exhibition for Queen ELISABETH.There were three businessmen in there.Nalim haijyar from Beruwala,Guruge from Kahawatta,NIMAL PATHIRANA from Rathnapura.

When this exhibision,this gem was interested to QUEEN ELISABETH and was presented by NIMAL PATHIRANA.It was 18 of carat,It was finded by some one who was in MARAPANA VILLAGE in Rathnapura Disrtict.Some time This Gem must be Real  gem which has DIANA`S ring.However many Colourful gems Export to JUWELLERS GARRAFD. gem,

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