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How to create a web site using

After long time we haven`t a phone.But  todayWe have many phone numbers than one.Also few years ago we haven`t our own E-mail Address but some time today many people have E-mail addresses more than one.But today many people don`t have a own their web site.Why?.Some time If we create a web site ,we have to get a domain name and hosting for it.We have to spend money for it.But today You can create a web site totally Free using Blogger .com.Also you can create it using wordpress.but best way to create a web site using because you can also can make money using adsense.If you create it using you can approve your Adsense account easily. 

           If we going to crate a web site using blogger you must have a g-mail account.You can create it using google home page
If yoy already have a g-mail account you can go to the

Then You have to choose a name for your web site.In this step we must careful because we must choose high paying keywords for it.If we choose high paying keywords,we can get high paying adds form adsense.So we have to choose high paying keyword for it.After you have to choose a address for your web site.In this step we can`t get any address for our web site.If somebody has already got it you have to choose another one.But you don`t change full name in that address.You can change one or two spellings.It a trip. For example we choose ""  as our web site address.but it has already taken.Then we can change it                              / / like that.If you have finished that step you can enter verification world and click continue bottom.In 3rd step, we have to choose a nice template .After you can design your web site.


Choose a starter template

You can change your template later, and even customize it with the Template Designer.

  • Simple
  • Picture Window
    Picture Window
  • Awesome Inc.
    Awesome Inc.
  • Watermark
  • Ethereal
  • Travel
  • Simple
  • Watermark

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  • Add pages for your home page(Go to posting tab and select "EDIT PAGES".You can add 10 can design page tab`s  text,colour,size using Template Designer .and select advancedTemplates
    Adjust widths

  • Add photos/vedios
  • Add link(If you want to add link for a world or a picture,you have to select that world and click link button and type web address)
  • Add read more bottom(READ NEXT POST)
  • Add pacebook like bottom and other social net works bottoms(READ NEXT POST)
  • Write Articles in your language(READ NEXT POST)
  • You can design your web site using "design " bottom(For advance design go to Template Designer.I`ll tell you how to design using these button  

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  • Get nice look for your web site using layout buttom(READ NEXT POST)